TRADE IN ACTION March 31, 2018

On the EU side: The EU launched a safeguard investigation  into steel products to prevent trade diversion into the EU.

On the EU side: The EU launched a safeguard investigation  into steel products to prevent trade diversion into the EU.
On the US side: The United States and South Korea have reportedly made significant progress in the renegotiation of KORUS, as they agreed on the main amendments and modifications to be made. The two countries have also agreed to a new currency pact that will bar either country from devaluing their currency for an unfair trade advantage. However, just yesterday the US President stated he might delay signing the agreement until after his meeting Kim Jong Un later in April.
The US in turn launched a new case with the WTO against China. Continuing along the line of US tariffs, Canada is working on solving its problem of cheap steel and aluminium smuggling into the North American market, in an attempt to earn a permanent exemption from Trump’s tariffs.
Coming up: The eighth Summit of the Americas meeting will be taking place April 13-14. The highly anticipated IMF and World Bank Spring meetings, April 20-22, are fast approaching.

Who Gets Hurt in a Trade War? Mostly Not China. 
By Marie Kasperek 

In an article published on MarketWatch, Marie Kasperek, Associate Director at the Atlantic Council’s Global Business and Economics program, notes that “a global trade war is not out of the question anymore. President Donald J. Trump has set the first domino in motion, and it will be hard to stop.” Kasperek emphasizes the agitated situation, claiming that “while some of the United States’ closest trading allies (Mexico, Canada, the European Union, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, and South Korea) are temporarily excluded from the tariffs on steel and aluminum, their relations with Washington have been strained and will remain tense.” Read her complete analysis here.

Director of the Global Business and Economics program Bart Oosterveld was quoted in Handelsblatt, including his analysis that the EU exemptions were inevitable and further cooperation could be expected eventually. 

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