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The Bank of England is expecting that up to 75,000 jobs could be lost in financial services following Britain’s departure from the EU. 
Jerome Powell has been nominated the new Chair of the US Federal Reserve. President Trump headed to Asia on his fourth and longest international trip, visiting China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and the Philippines. 
Upcoming: Catalonia’s lead separatist, Carles Puigdemont, agreed this week to a snap election in Catalonia and will return to Spain after being given promises of a fair judicial process. Brexit negotiations have been agreed to continue on November 9 and 10 for the next round. The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders summit takes place in Vietnam, with President Trump’s speech expected to enunciate the US’s role in region. The next round of NAFTA negotiations takes place in Canada, November 17-21.

Asia Trip Seen as Opportunity to Articulate Policy

President Trump’s international trip to Asia is seen widely as an opportunity for the administration to enunciate its role in the region. With the level of US engagement in the region still in doubt since Trump’s inauguration in January, Asian leaders have been disconcerted at what appears to be US retrenchment. Typified by early moves to pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and a desire seemingly to only deal with Asian countries bilaterally, Trump’s regional policy is still under question. 

US apparent disengagement on the global level has been starkly countered by China’s. With President Xi solidifying power in China, his signature Belt Road Initiative has been a hallmark of his foreign policy – promoting broader development and integration of China with Asia and beyond. Craig Hart, a nonresident senior fellow in the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center, showcases President Xi’s Belt Road Initiative and world leadership on climate change as a potential way in which China may overtake Trump on the world stage. For more analysis on the issue, click here

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Did you know… that China is the largest foreign holder of US Treasury bills, bonds, and notes? As of August 2017, China owned $1.2 trillion in Treasury’s. That’s 30 percent of the public debt held by foreign countries. The US debt to China is still lower than the record-high of $1.3 trillion held in November 2013.

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