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We are back after the summer break! And so is trade: The second round of NAFTA re-negotiations took place in Mexico City earlier this month with very little new proposals introduced across the board. A major point of contention is a controversial provision for resolving investment disputes- the US is reluctant to keep the provision in, but Canada and Mexico have both signaled that any change to the dispute resolution system is off-the-table.  Maybe we will get more concrete answers during the next round which is scheduled for Sept. 23-27 in Ottawa.

Domestically, there has been a lot of talk on US tax reform in recent weeks, with House Republicans promising to release a plan the week of Sept. 25.
On the other side of the Atlantic, European Commission President Jean- Claude Juncker outlined his vision for the European Union in which he put an emphasis on strengthening the European trade agenda, and creating stronger, more competitive industry. 

Brexit Update: The fourth round of negotiations has been postponed from September 18 to September 25. 

NAFTA Negotiations: Why Are They So Controversial? 

In the midst of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) renegotiations in August, US President Donald J. Trump tweeted saying that NAFTA is the “worst trade deal ever made,” and threatened to withdraw the United States from the agreement because Canada and Mexico are being “difficult”. While many have brushed these statements off ahead of the third round of discussions, set to begin on September 23, one cannot help but wonder: How close are we to a new and improved NAFTA? 

With the third round of NAFTA negotiations fast approaching, Sara Van Velkinburgh writes for the New Atlanticist about the different public perceptions of NAFTA between the three nations and the challenges that lie ahead in the talks. Read her analysis here

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Did you know...…that there is no term limit for a German Chancellor? Germany’s current Chancellor, Ms. Angela Merkel, is running for her fourth term this fall (Germans are heading to the polls at the end of September). Need to brush up on your knowledge on the German electoral system? Find regular updates on the current election here.

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