USTR Froman Addresses Transatlantic Trade at GMF in Brussels | German Marshall Fund During a major address on TTIP at GMF in Brussels, Ambassador Michael Froman emphasized the imperative role a bilateral agreement between the US and EU will play in helping both economies stimulate much-needed growth and job creation. Froman also underlined the need for transparency, participation, and accountability for the negotiations to be successful.

EU Trade Commissioner de Gucht on TTIP Ahead of Second Round of Negotiations | Digital Journal
Following a meeting with USTR Michael Froman, Commissioner de Gucht reiterated the shared belief between the EU and the US that TTIP must go beyond a traditional trade agreement, seeking to shape global trade rules while making regulatory systems in the respective economies more compatible. Further, de Gucht believes that the European experience of creating a Single Market in the 1980s will prove helpful in counteracting concerns about further integration watering down rules and regulations.


Chief EU Scientist Back Report Urging GMO ‘Rethink” | EurActiv
The European Academies Science Advisory Council (EASAC) issued a report urging EU countries to rethink their widespread rejection of GMO technology. The report has been backed by the EU’s chief scientific advisor, Anne Glover, who asserted that there was no evidence that GM technologies provide additional risk to plant breeding than conventional technologies.

Recent Analysis

TTIP and SMEs | British American Business
Alisabeth Roderberg of British American Business discussed how small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) have not only been the lifeblood of the UK economy, but stand to gain the most from a successful conclusion of TTIP negotiations. While larger corporations are more equipped to deal with regulatory compliance costs, current regulations often result in prohibitive export barriers for SMEs. Assuming an ambitious TTIP, SMEs would see increased competitiveness in their respective markets.

EU lawmaker: TTIP is Not a Monster | EurActiv
Vital Moreira, Portuguese MEP and chair of the European Parliament’s International Trade committee, argues that TTIP is not a conspiracy against other economies, but rather would encourage the advancement of rules-based market economics. Despite concerns that an agreement would create hostility with China, the Chinese Ambassador to the EU assured EurActiv that China is not opposed to TTIP negotiations.

Maximizing TTIP Legitimacy | Atlantic Community
Atlantic Community’s Katharina Ehrhart argues that while increased scrutiny may force TTIP negotiations to be less efficient than desired by policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic, public transparency will be essential for an agreement to have legitimacy in both economies. Successful negotiations will only strengthen transatlantic relations if they remain open and non-exclusive, otherwise there could be negative spill-over effects. 

Beyrer: EU-US Trade Talks Can Achieve the Impossible | EurActiv
In an interview with Euractiv, director-general of BusinessEurope Markus Beyrer discussed the expectation that the second round of TTIP negotiations will provide greater clarity about potential problem areas. He also agreed that tariff elimination would be a reasonable starting point, and that with full political support this agreement can achieve the seemingly impossible.

Atlantic Trade Deal ‘Must Stay Open to All” | New Direction
Pedro Schwartz, chairman of the Competition Tribunal of the Madrid Autonomous Community, issued a report urging that TTIP remain an open agreement to which other countries could join as long as they adhere to the conditions established by the US and the EU.

US Trade Deal Could Be Biggest in History | Darlington & Stockton Times
During a meeting chaired by UK Food and Farm Minister David Heath and Cabinet Minister Kenneth Clarke, Peter Hardwick, head of trade development for Eblex, highlighted the benefits of TTIP for the beef and lamb sector. The UK could see a gain of £285 million with the elimination of current barriers. Differences in certification will be a central focus during negotiations.

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Second Round of TTIP Negotiations in Brussels the week of October 7
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