Atlantic Council’s UkraineAlert: Version 2.0

With today’s edition, the Atlantic Council’s UkraineAlert newsletter is six months old. Readers will notice that it arrives in a new package: concise and colorful. Its content will remain much the same, although we’re always working to improve it.

Our mission remains that with which we began in March: “The crisis in Ukraine arguably marks the sharpest east-west conflict in Europe since the Cold War and a historic test for US and transatlantic leadership. This crisis demands special attention, which at the Atlantic Council means providing analysis and hosting public dialogue with key leaders and opinion-makers shaping this story. In this twice-weekly e-mail, we will gather for you the critical information to track these events, which are re-shaping Eastern Europe, transatlantic security calculations, and the global strategic environment. We hope you find it useful!”

UkraineAlert is published Mondays and Thursdays (although today’s edition was delayed to let us cover Ukrainian President Poroshenko’s visit to Washington). Readers may subscribe at left, or here. And we welcome suggestions or queries from readers at

James Rupert is an editor at the Atlantic Council.  

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Image: Before it came to war: Ukrainians rally for democracy and closer ties to Europe at Kyiv's Maidan Nezalezhnosti, December 1, 2013. (CC License/Nessa Gnatoush)