In their own words: Millennium Fellows reflect

The Millennium Leadership Program is the Atlantic Council’s flagship leadership accelerator, charged with convening the next generation of global leadership through its Millennium Fellowship.

Three Millennium Fellows shared their thoughts with us on their motivations to join, where they found the most value, and shared some advice for prospective applicants and the incoming class. Answers have been edited for length and clarity.

Why join the Atlantic Council Millennium Leadership Program?

Pete Seat, Vice President, Bose Public Affairs: The study tour is what sets the Millennium Fellowship apart. I will never forget the eyes-wide-open looks on faces when I shared with family, friends and colleagues that our class would travel to Turkey and Greece to study the migrant situation on the ground and in real time, followed by a major event on the sidelines of that year’s NATO Summit. Where else can you get that type of access to present global challenges and to the individuals on the front lines attempting to remedy and affect change?

Sweta Chakraborty, US Representative, We Don’t Have Time: The Millennium Fellowship is an incredible opportunity for ambitious young people to gain a foothold on the global stage and engage in constructive dialogue to further global prosperity. To meet and work closely with brilliant peers as well as the highest echelons of national and global governance is an unparalleled experience offered by the MLP.

Usman Ahmed, Head of Global Public Policy, PayPal: The Millennium fellowship seemed different than the others because of the depth of the experience.  Spending a full week together with a group of diverse and impressive professionals from around the world seemed far more interesting than one off meetings with much larger groups.   

Why should global leaders apply for the fellowship?

Pete Seat: You are among the select few with the keys to a curriculum of growth and a world of engagement that will last a lifetime.

Sweta Chakraborty: Being able to share in a custom-designed study program with your class creates a unique bond and generates creativity to address the issue at hand.

Usman Ahmed: The experiential learning component.  The opportunity to engage in deep networking.  The global nature of the experience.  The coaching and other personal development activities.

Any advice for the incoming class?

Pete Seat: Soak up every minute and every experience. The Fellowship is a finite amount of time, technically, and you don’t want to miss anything.

Sweta Chakraborty: Incoming fellows should make every effort to commit to all opportunities offered through the Millennium Fellowship. The MLP offers unfettered access to unique events and engagements that have resulted in several career-advancing opportunities for my peers and me. They are worth the time and travel commitments!

Usman Ahmed: After your core experience is over, find time to engage with previous classes as there is now a powerful alumni network that can be leveraged.

The Millennium Leadership Program is currently recruiting for its 2021 Millennium Fellowship starting February 15, 2021. Please check back soon for the application link. Any questions you have can be directed to