A Nuclear Deal, Iran’s Regional Role and US Relations with the Gulf

On March 16, the Iran Task Force hosted a discussion on the impact of a possible Iran nuclear deal on Iran’s regional role and US relations with the Arab states across the Gulf. Speakers included Richard LeBaron, Alireza Nader, and Ilan Goldenberg. Barbara Slavin moderated the panel.  
Speakers agreed that Saudi Arabia and Israel both opposed the nuclear deal, but for varying reasons. For Israel, Iran presents an “existential issue” – presenting a perceive threat to Israel’s survival. Saudi Arabia’s concerns center around Iran’s influence more generally, and how a deal would move regional power dynamics, potential pulling influence away from Saudi Arabia. Domestically, the speakers suggested that Congress may not prevent a deal from being implemented, but with negative rhetoric, can prevent a deal from being reached. This event was supported generously by the Ploughshares Fund. Read more about the event here.