On March 1 the Eurasian Energy Futures Inititative will host the Minister of Industry and Trade for the Czech Republic, Martin Kuba, for a speech on the evolution of the country’s energy strategy to be followed by a moderated discussion with the audience.

The Czech Republic recently released the new Czech Energy Strategy defining the country’s energy policy for the next 30 years. The EU energy policy aims at reaching three critical objectives – energy security, competitiveness and sustainable development. In line with these priorities, the new Czech Energy Strategy attempts to create a more secure and sustainable energy future.

The new set of policies reflect the reality that the most effective energy technology choices are not “either, or,” but rather a mix of technologies selected based on regional energy resources, costs, and other local conditions. The Czech Republic, in seeking to develop a set of balanced energy and climate strategies, has proposed a long-term energy strategy that sees the nation looking to nuclear power for half its electricity within the next 30 years. 

A discussion with

Minister Martin Kuba
Minister of Industry and Trade
Czech Republic

Moderated by

Fred Kempe
President and CEO
Atlantic Council