On Wednesday, December 9, as part of the Atlantic Council’s Corporate Strategy Forum, the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security hosted a private dinner on “Europe’s Dual-Use Technology and Industrial Base.” The event featured the Chief Executive Officer of the European Defense Agency, Ambassador Jorge Domecq, who delivered keynote remarks about the shared challenge of leveraging commercial and civil technologies and businesses to address military needs.

The event gathered two dozen Council members, directors, business executives, and government officials to contribute to the conversation. Moderated by the Council’s MA and George Lund Fellow Steven Grundman, the discussion explored European and American approaches to integrating defense-unique technology with commercial/civil technology and industrial bases to promote innovation and efficiency.

The Corporate Strategy Forum convenes chief strategists of transatlantic companies in aerospace, defense, security, and government services for a private roundtable discussion about issues confronting the long-term health of these industries.