On June 28, the Transatlantic Relations Program held an all-day, off-the-record symposium to explore the issue of competitiveness in both the United States and France, followed by a private dinner hosted by the deputy chief of mission of the French embassy Frederic Dore at Ambassador Delattre’s residence.

Both France and the United States, despite having fallen behind in competitiveness in recent years, have valuable best practices to share with each other that could enhance competitiveness on both sides of the Atlantic. Symposium participants examined the sources of competitiveness in both countries, where and how policies in support of competitiveness originate, and whether competitiveness is a national issue in today’s global economy. This symposium, hosted by Baker & McKenzie and funded by the Richard Lounsbery Foundation is part of a long-term French-American Competitiveness Project that will continue to examine French and American competitiveness as it relates to specific industry sectors or policy issues.

Agenda (.pdf)