On September 27, the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative hosted a panel discussion on the history of all-source cyber intelligence.


  • Samuel Cox, director of intelligence, US Cyber Command
  • Matt Devost, president and CEO, FusionX
  • Sean Kanuck, national intelligence officer, Cyber Affairs, US National Intelligence Council
  • Jason Healey, director, Cyber Statecraft Initiative, Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security, Atlantic Council

Moderated by

  • Robert Gourley, founder and CTO, Crucial Point LLC

To gain better perspective on the present and future challenges to cyber statecraft, the Atlantic Council has convened a series of events addressing lessons learned from the history of cyber conflict. This event, the third of the series, featured a discussion with leading experts in the field of all-source cyber intelligence, who shared their thoughts on lessons to be learned from our cyber past in order to prepare for the challenges ahead.

This event looked at early and current practitioners of all-source cyber intelligence to examine several key questions:

  • What were the early challenges to understanding cyber adversary capabilities and intent? How have these changed over time?
  • What was the resposne from the US government? From the private sector?
  • What lessons are there from the earliest days of cyber intelligence that are still relevant today?
  • Where have we made the most progress and where are there still gaps?
  • What should we teach incoming analysts to learn from our cyber past?
  • How was warning of cyber attacks changed over time?

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