On May 3, the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security hosted Major General John G. Rossi for a strategy session. As the director of the US Army Quadrennial Defense Review office, Major General Rossi came to the Council to garner feedback to inform the Army’s contribution to this important defense review at a critical time.

As the Department of Defense enters a transformational period characterized by significant unrest in the Middle East, a strategic shift to the Pacific, and a drawdown in Afghanistan, the military faces new challenges under significant fiscal pressures. During such an uncertain time, and with such diverse threats, the significance of this review is unparalleled. This session was moderated by Steve Grundman, M.A. and George Lund fellow for emerging defense challenges at the Atlantic Council.

Among Major General Rossi’s many leadership positions, he served as chief of the theater missile defense branch at the US Central Command and was selected to be the Commander of the 35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade with the Eighth US Army in Korea in 2005. He then reported to the US Army Air Defense Artillery Center as the chief of staff. In March 2011 he was assigned as the commanding general at the 32nd Army Air Missile Defense Command in Fort Bliss, Texas, before taking up his current post as the director of the Army Quadrennial Defense Review Office within the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff.

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