Post-COP21 Fossil Fuel Industry Outlook

On March 28, the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center hosted a private, off-the-record roundtable discussion on the impact of the COP21 agreement on the global fossil fuel industry. Participating as panelists were David Mohler, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Clean Coal and Carbon Management at the US Department of Energy; Granville Martin, Managing Director of Sustainable Finance, JPMorgan Chase; and Nancy Meyer, Associate Director, IHS Energy.

From innovative technologies to flexible new business models, how the fossil fuel industry adapts to the post-COP21 world will have important ramifications for the global economy and environment. Our distinguished panelists addressed the following questions and more:

  • Will COP21 participants follow through on their commitments? What immediate and long term impacts will the agreement have on the fossil fuel industry?
  • How will the fossil fuel industry adapt to the post-COP21 world? What innovations and new practices will keep the industry at the forefront of energy production?
  • How will slackening energy consumption in the OECD and rapidly rising demand in developing countries shape the fossil fuel industry? How will businesses and policymakers react?
  • What is the commercial viability of carbon capture and storage technology and clean coal?