Securing Operations Superiority Through Defense Innovation: A UK Perspective

On Wednesday December 17, 2014, the Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security welcomed Philip Dunne MP, minister for defense, equipment, support and technology, for his speech titled “Securing Operational Superiority through Defense Innovation: A UK Perspective.” This Defense-Industrial Policy Series event, cohosted with the National Defense Industrial Association, was moderated by Steven Grundman, the M.A. and George Lund fellow in the Scowcroft Center.

Dunne said that collaboration in innovation efforts is required to address the rising challenges of the twenty-first century. Working together to innovate, this collaboration could help offset any future threats. According to Dunne, the United States and the United Kingdom do, and should continue to, lead in innovation efforts.

Dunne claims that innovation will allow the “special relationship” to effectively handle threats with limited resources. By working together on a transatlantic scale and across public and private sectors, the US and UK governments can pool their resources and put together the “best brains in the business” to work towards developing future technologies.

The Defense-Industrial Policy Series is a platform for senior government executives in defense and aerospace to address the public policies that shape these industries’ markets. By engaging the perspective of government leaders about issues at the interface of defense ministries and industries, the series aims to cultivate a constituency for practical solutions to these problems.

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