On July 10th, the Atlantic Council’s Energy and Environment Program hosted a discussion with BP Alternative Energy CEO Katrina Landis. John Lyman, director of the Energy and Environment Program, moderated the discsussion.

Future demand projections indicate that alternative energy sources will play an ever-growing role in the US and world energy mix. Recognizing the benefits of a diverse future energy mix, BP has made aggressive moves into the alternative energy sector, investing approximately $7 billion since 2005. However, renewable energy currently accounts for only 3.4 percent of US energy production (according to the International Energy Agency). As such, the future of renewable energy production and its role in the electric power portfolio remains an open question. As a leader of one of the world’s largest renewable energy investors, Katrina Landis was uniquely able to provide insight into industry thinking and future direction of the US energy mix.

Katrina Landis is CEO of BP’s Alternative Energy Division. Since joining BP in 1992, she has served in a variety of senior roles, including exploration and production, oil supply, and mergers and acquisitions. Her career has included postings in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and the United States.