The Upcoming Aramco IPO: Strategy, Investment, Politics

On May 9, 2017, the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center convened an expert panel for a conversation about the upcoming Saudi Aramco IPO. Moderated by Amy Harder, energy reporter at Axios, and introduced by Ambassador Morningstar, founding director and chairman of the Global Energy Center, the panel included Phillip Cornell, nonresident senior fellow at the Global Energy Center, Ayham Kamel, Middle East and North Africa director at the Eurasia Group, and Jean-Francois Seznec, nonresident senior fellow at the Global Energy Center. They discussed the outlook for the IPO, its potential impact on financial markets, implications for oil markets, and possible responses from producers.

Image: (From left) Amy Harder, Phillip Cornell, Jean-Francois Seznec, and Ayham Kamel discuss the anticipated Saudi Aramco IPO.