The United States will be a reliable supplier of liquefied natural gas to global markets because it is “not only good for our energy security, it is good for the security of our energy partners and allies around the world,” said Robin Dunnigan, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Diplomacy at the US State Department.

Dunnigan was hopeful that US LNG will be part of the energy “diversification solution” in Europe and other parts of the world. She spoke at a conference hosted by the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center and Eurasian Energy Futures Initiative on April 28.

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In a market that is turning away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy, natural gas is often identified as an ideal solution to bridge the technological gaps between fossil fuels and renewable energy. Recent growth in fracking in the United States has increased the availability of natural gas. This increased market availability will have positive effects on Europe’s energy security, according to the conference panelists.