On February 24, Markus Garlauskas made an appearance as a panelist at a webinar titled, “Nuclear North Korea and the Biden Presidency” held by the Sejong Society. In a wide ranging discussion with the Sejong Society’s President, Garlauskas addressed a variety of questions relevant to the Biden Administration’s policies on North Korea. He emphasized the importance of proactive efforts to prevent North Korea’s resumption of ballistic missile testing, and the problem that North Korea’s unchecked solid-fuel missile launches in 2019 and 2020 posed. He warned, in particular, of the need to prevent or respond to the test-launch of a solid-propellant missile with multiple re-entry vehicles in the months ahead. He explained North Korea’s goals, including locking-in de facto acceptance as a nuclear-armed power while gaining sanctions relief. Garlauskas also underscored the need to both question and counter North Korea’s narrative on the ROK-US alliance’s very restrained and limited defensive military exercises as “provocative.” He noted that alliance military training is vital for maintaining deterrence and stability, as well as preparing to respond effectively to North Korean coercion and aggression.

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