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  • Nimmo in the Wall Street Journal: Russian Propaganda Isn’t Pro-Donald Trump: It’s Anti-US Establishment

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  • Nimmo Quoted by Wall Street Journal on the Impact of Brexit on NATO and the Fight Against Terror

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  • The United Kingdom’s Long Kiss Goodbye

    Here's what Atlantic Council analysts and guests had to say about the British referendum on June 23 to leave the European Union.

    In the Week After the Vote:

    “British support for taking the United Kingdom out of the European Union came as a tremendous shock to the world. Global financial markets were roiled for two days after the June 23 referendum. A few days later, however, questions have been raised about whether the UK would actually leave the European Union. It now appears increasingly likely that a so-called Brexit will not happen,” writes Anders Åslund, a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council.

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  • Brexit: Losers and Winners

    The United Kingdom will emerge as the biggest loser from its voters’ decision to exit the European Union. 

    The United States loses a useful ally in its dealings with the European bloc, but it has others. France and Russia benefit, while Germany under Chancellor Angela Merkel will look increasingly vulnerable. Italy, Poland, and Spain have the opportunity to increase their influence within the EU, but are unlikely to seize it in the short term.

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  • Distract Deceive Destroy

    While President Putin announced the end of Russia’s military operations with much fanfare, the modest forces withdrawn thereafter suggest that by no means is Russia’s military role in Syria over. 

    The complete report is available online:

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  • Ben Nimmo

    Ben Nimmo

    Senior Fellow for Information Defense, Digital Forensic Research Lab

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