By: Christopher P. Mulder

What is the kernel of the issue?

National security and foreign policy are developed and influenced by a relatively small group of experts.

Why is the issue important?

Almost 25% of Americans believe in conspiracy theories and upwards of 60% distrust the media, and more disinformation is being promulgated across social media platforms at an alarming rate and with potential devastating effects, such as leading to significant distrust in government, education, and non-profit institutions.

What is the recommendation?

The next administration should creatively involve every-day Americans in influencing national security and foreign policy to mitigate conspiracy theories and disinformation. Involve, educate, and inform the American public—from a young age—on national security and foreign policy. We’ll be stronger by including every-day Americans in creative engagements like roundtables, good will tours, and national security docuseries.

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