By: Franklin D. Kramer

What is the kernel of the issue?

China is pervasively present in numerous supply chains from the source of raw materials through manufacturing and production. This creates challenges of resilience for the United States and likeminded transatlantic allies who may be reliant to some extent on Chinese products or services for vital sectors such as telecommunications or healthcare. 

Why is the issue important?

As demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic, reliance on Chinese industry for critical supplies can leave the United States and transatlantic allies vulnerable to supply chain strains or potentially intentional supply chain restrictions. Reliance on China in technology supply chains could also create vulnerabilities in US and European systems able to be exploited by Chinese cyber espionage. 

What is the recommendation?

The Biden administration should move to exclude Chinese products, components, and services from supply chains in strategic sectors vital to national security or other critical national objectives unless their use is specifically approved by the government. The administration should encourage similar measures from the United States’ European allies and partners.  

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