By: Ash Jain

What is the kernel of the issue?

New technologies, including artificial intelligence, quantum computing, genetic engineering, 5G, and robotics, are developing rapidly and will significantly shape the future of geopolitics.  While these innovations promise great benefits, they also carry serious risks, including new security challenges.  

Why is the issue important?

If China or other autocratic nations succeed in developing these emerging technologies ahead of the democratic world, they could gain significant economic and military advantages, and will be in a stronger position to set standards and norms for these technologies that are inconsistent with liberal values.

What is the recommendation?

The Biden administration should create a Democratic Technology Alliance that will bring together a core group of leading democracies, starting with the D-10, to facilitate cooperation on harnessing new technologies. The primary goal is to ensure that the democratic world prevails in the race for advanced technologies and can create associated norms and standards that will determinately shape the 21st century global order. 

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