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African creatives May 1, 2024

Creative visionary Elroy Fillis-Bell showcases the impact of dance across the continent 

By Africa Center

Meet Elroy Fillis-Bell, the innovative South African chief executive officer of Joburg Ballet. 

Fillis-Bell has committed himself to advocating for artists and championing the importance of the arts to South Africa and the global community. He has done so in various ways, from building a more copyright-compliant arts industry in South Africa at the Dramatic, Artistic and Literary Rights Organization to managing the Javett Art Centre at the University of Pretoria. 

As head of the Joburg Ballet, Fillis-Bell is focused on investing in the professional development of the company’s dancers and implementing education initiatives to invest in the next generation of artists. According to him, it is essential to showcase the arts as an invaluable part of community growth and to invest in the next generation of African artists. 

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