How can US bipartisan legislation help the Western Balkans? A debrief with Senator Jeanne Shaheen 

While the United States is expected to bolster its political commitment to the Western Balkans through economic support, a bipartisan bill introduced in Congress aims to enhance those efforts by providing increased funding and technical assistance.  

In this episode of #BalkansDebrief, Ilva Tare speaks to Senator Jeanne Shaheen, U.S. Senator for New Hampshire, who is leading this bipartisan effort to bolster American leadership in the region, all the while  keeping a close eye on events in the Western Balkans. The Senator addresses concerns about Bosnia’s future, questionable extension of the EUFOR mandate, and shares her impressions of the region after returning to the Western Balkans for the second time this year.  

What is the view in the Senate on Serbia now that Serbia and Russia have agreed to align their foreign policies? How can the United States ensure Serbian alignment with the West? What is the United States doing to ensure renewal of the EUFOR mission. What role will the United States play in assisting Albania following the cyber-attacks launched in retaliation for the Iranian MEK’s presence in the country?  


#BalkansDebrief is an online interview series presented by the Atlantic Council’s Europe Center and hosted by journalist Ilva Tare. The program offers a fresh look at the Western Balkans and examines the region’s people, culture, challenges, and opportunities.

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