Feb 28, 2024

March 1 is the upcoming Iranian elections. The terrain looks more divided than ever.

By Arash Azizi

With widespread disillusionment with the Islamic Republic and its unrepresentative institutions, few people care to take part in these elections.

Elections Human Rights


Feb 22, 2024

The United States needs a new Iran policy—and it involves regime change, but not the traditional kind

By Kelly Shannon

The tactics of 1979 are not enough in the 2020s. Additional strategies are necessary, and international support will be critical to ensuring the success of any mass democratic movement in Iran.

Democratic Transitions Iran


Feb 16, 2024

Iran is socially engineering mass depression to suppress dissent  

By Saeid Golkar and Kasra Aarabi

The Islamic Republic has worked tirelessly to strategize and doctrinize control of Iranians’ minds and bodies. But it hasn't always been successful.

Iran Middle East


Feb 2, 2024

Iran is on its way to replacing Russia as a leading arms exporter. The US needs a strategy to counter this trend.

By Danny Citrinowicz  

The US must understand the seriousness of the situation: without active measures, it will be extremely tough to stop Iran from becoming a world leader in arms sales

Arms Control Conflict


Jan 31, 2024

To challenge the Islamic Republic’s propaganda agenda, the UN deputy high commissioner must delay her visit

By Rose Parris Richter

Civil society advocates aren’t pushing for non-engagement but for a strategic reassessment of the deputy high commissioner's visit's timing and scope.

Civil Society Human Rights


Jan 22, 2024

A thirsty reality: Iran’s dire water situation

By Nik Kowsar

Iran's uneven water rights approach disproportionately impacts citizens in marginalized provinces, causing severe water scarcity.

Civil Society Climate Change & Climate Action


Jan 19, 2024

Yes, I’m ‘Trash,’ but I love Iran

By Khosro Sayeh Isfahani

Listening to Shervin Hajipour's "Trash," I’ve forged a new heart from the parts of Iran I’ve taken with me.

Human Rights Iran


Jan 8, 2024

ISIS was behind the Kerman attack. Iran still blames Israel and the United States, though.

By Jason Brodsky

Despite Iran’s bombastic rhetoric, however, its response against ISIS assets will likely be limited.

Iran Israel


Jan 4, 2024

Iran targeted human rights sanctions series: Why are people and entities sanctioned for human rights abuses?

By Celeste Kmiotek, Lisandra Novo

Every perpetrator designated by a jurisdiction for targeted sanctions generally faces the same consequences.

Economic Sanctions Human Rights


Dec 7, 2023

Does the Resistance Axis believe its propaganda about Israel? The October 7 attack seems to suggest so.

By David Daoud

For the Resistance Axis, portraying Israel as a temporary entity that will inevitably melt away has an obvious utility, and is one that furthers the goal of destroying the Jewish state.

Conflict Iran