Dec 1, 2022

The risks and rewards of Erdogan’s next military operation

By Rich Outzen

The November 13 bombing in Istanbul, blamed on the PKK, is spurring a planned Turkish offensive against PKK affiliates in Northern Syria, fulfilling a long term goal to better secure the country's southern border.

Conflict Iraq


Nov 10, 2022

With an eye on Iran, Turkish-Israeli relations will deepen

By Pınar Dost

Driven by strong regional imperatives, Turkey-Israel relations are warming quickly. After a decade long rift, the two countries have many areas to benefit from cooperation.

Conflict Crisis Management


Sep 2, 2022

How Turkey can play a more constructive role in Russia’s war on Ukraine

By Yevgeniya Gaber

For Ankara to create regional peace and stability, it must boost support to Kyiv rather than pressure it into compromise.

Conflict Drones


Sep 1, 2022

To re-engage in the Black Sea, the US must look to Turkey

By Arnold C. Dupuy

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine presents an opportunity for the United States to re-engage in the Black Sea region. To do so, it will need to work with partners and allies, such as Turkey.

Conflict Eastern Europe


Aug 23, 2022

Washington wins as Turkey and Israel restore normal ties

By Brenda Shaffer

Turkey and Israel restoring full diplomatic ties is a boon for each country and in the interests of the United States.

Israel National Security


Jul 25, 2022

Grain drain: Why Turkey can’t afford to ignore Russian grain smuggling from Ukraine

By Yevgeniya Gaber

The diplomatic goodwill Turkey won in its key role in the deal to unlock Ukrainian grain export is at risk as Russia may prove a spoiler.

Conflict Maritime Security


Jul 14, 2022

Time heals all wounds. But will that work with Saudi Arabia and Turkey?

By Pınar Dost, Jonathan Panikoff

Does time make one forget resentments or do national interests triumph over friendships and enmities? The latter seems true for Turkey's president and Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince.

Europe & Eurasia Middle East


Jun 22, 2022

Turkey’s wartime bridge to the West is collapsing

By Yevgeniya Gaber

Turkey's balancing act towards Russia's invasion of Ukraine is limiting its goodwill with the West.

Conflict Defense Industry


Jun 7, 2022

With Lavrov in Turkey, a different war may dominate talks

By Rich Outzen

The Russian and Turkish foreign ministers could discuss Ankara's intent to carry out a new operation against Kurdish forces in northern Syria.

Conflict Russia


Jan 20, 2022

Turkey’s muted response to Cyprus’ offshore drilling reflects a new diplomatic reality

By Serhat S. Cubukcuoglu

Turkey's response, or lack thereof, to Cyprus' recent moves to capitalize on natural gas resources in the Eastern Mediterranean marks a shift in diplomatic tone. While Turkey's stance has not changed, under the surface lies a changing geopolitical and economic reality.

Geopolitics & Energy Security Greece