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On May 5-7, 2021, the Atlantic Council, in partnership with the Delegation of the European Union to the United States, welcomes you to the EU-US Future Forum (EUFF), a unique convening of leaders and stakeholders in dialogue to develop a new transatlantic agenda and momentum for EU-US cooperation. The relationship with the EU is one of America’s greatest assets. In a time of global recovery and transition, this seventy-year partnership serves as a foundation on which the EU and the US can foster collective security and prosperity. Join us as we celebrate the successes of the EU-US relationship and look to the next seven decades together.

Anchored by a series of high-level dialogues between EU and US officials on the themes defining the transatlantic relationship, the Forum affirms the founding principles and ideas of the transatlantic community and adapts them for the new internal and external challenges ahead. The program will include a combination of moderated discussions, interviews, keynote addresses, and storytelling highlights that share expert insights, tackle problems, generate new ideas, and help to identify policy recommendations. This high-profile event explores the most important elements of the EU-US relationship, including the coronavirus recovery, trade, foreign and security policy, technology and the digital transition, research and innovation, common values, and climate change.

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