What lies ahead for the Korean Peninsula: a continuation of the status quo, a major crisis, or perhaps a breakthrough for peace? Over the last decade, relations among Seoul, Pyongyang, and Washington have been largely static, with any changes seeming to escalate regional tensions. Now, in the wake of the Winter Olympics, the ongoing dialogues among North Korea, the Republic of Korea, and the United States might constitute the first steps towards denuclearization and peace on the Peninsula. As longtime and steadfast allies, the United States and the Republic of Korea must continue working together to prepare for two groundbreaking sets of negotiations: the inter-Korean Summit between Pyongyang and Seoul on April 27, and the second summit between Kim Jong-un and President Trump. These talks could reshape the strategic landscape of Northeast Asia for decades to come, and the world awaits the outcomes of these summits with wary attention and cautious optimism.

Please join the Atlantic Council and the East Asia Foundation for what will be the first public convening in Washington, DC after the historic inter-Korean summit to feature senior ROK government officials. Members of a high-level delegation from Seoul will deliver remarks debriefing the Moon-Kim summit, addressing the future of North Korea’s nuclear program, the US-ROK alliance, and inter-Korean relations. Alongside US experts and policymakers, they will share their views on the inter-Korean dialogue and what it might signify for the United States-North Korea summit just on the horizon.

Welcome Remarks

Mr. Frederick Kempe
President and CEO 
Atlantic Council

Minister Sung-hwan Kim
Board Member, East Asia Foundation;
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade 

Republic of Korea

Keynote Remarks

The Hon. Edward Markey
US Senate (D-MA);
Ranking Member, East Asia Subcommittee 

Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Dr. Chung-in Moon
Special Adviser to the President for Unification,
Foreign, and National Security Affairs

Republic of Korea

Panel Discussion

H.E. Beom-Kye Park
Member, 20th National Assembly;
Chief Spokesman, The Democratic Party

H.E. Jong-dae Kim
Member, 20th National Assembly;
Member of the National Defence Committee,
Head of the Foreign Affairs and Security Division;
, Justice Party

Mr. Barry Pavel
Senior Vice President, Arnold Kanter Chair, and Director,
Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security  

Atlantic Council

Ms. Rebecca Hersman
Director, Project on Nuclear Issues and
Senior Adviser, International Security Program

Center for Strategic and International Studies

Dr. Cheol-hee Park (moderator)
Dean and Professor,
Graduate School of International Studies 

Seoul National University 

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Washington, DC