The roundtable discussion will use the Kemper County energy facility as a focal point for exploring broader energy, economic, and environmental policy issues relating to advanced fossil energy technologies and their role in ensuring access to energy, protecting energy security, and enhancing environmental performance. The discussions will focus on three key issues:

•    What role will fossil fuels play in meeting future energy demand, particularly in large emerging economies and in areas currently lacking sufficient access to energy? What are the potential environmental and economic benefits from meeting that demand with advanced fossil energy technologies and CCS?
•    What opportunities do large-scale projects involving advanced fossil energy technologies offer in terms of driving technological innovation and enabling other energy-related activities, such as enhanced hydrocarbon recovery from captured CO2, and what is needed to help project developers and government partners overcome key barriers?
•    What lessons can we draw from past experiences with energy and environmental issues that led to the successful development and broad dissemination of new technologies?

The format is a round table discussion with an agenda structured to allow sufficient time for a 15 minute presentation by each speaker, followed by moderated discussion of the issues by all participants. Please contact us at or +1 202-701-7727 with any questions you may have. We hope you can join us and are looking forward to your active participation throughout the discussions.