On October 30, Brazilians will return to the ballot box to decide who will lead Latin America’s largest economy and the world’s fourth-largest democracy for the next four years. Following a polarizing and often violent electoral cycle, whoever holds the presidential sash in January will inherit challenging global economic times and domestic social unrest. Brazil’s next leader – Bolsonaro or Lula – will need to reassert the country’s role as a key player in the region’s geopolitics.

What are the top priorities for the next Brazilian administration, and how will it double down on the country’s recent economic progress? How can the Brazilian private sector and civil society help defuse post-election tensions and collaborate with government for economic prosperity? In what ways can the next Brazilian president bring back trust in the country’s political system?

Join us the day after the election, on Monday, October 31, 2022, from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. ET (16h30 to 17h30 BRT), for a public virtual discussion on the road ahead for Brazil’s next president and for US–Brazil relations.


Fernanda Magnotta
Columnist, International Politics
Visiting Faculty Fulbright Scholar

Renata Amaral
Adjunct Professor of Law
American University Washington College of Law;
Women Inside Trade

Jason Marczak
Senior Director
Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center
Atlantic Council

Valentina Sader
Associate Director and Brazil Lead
Adrienne Arsht Latin America Center
Atlantic Council

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