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America’s role in the world

Join the Atlantic Council for conversations on the most critical issues at the intersection of domestic and international affairs that will influence this year’s US elections.

The next President will have to mobilize the American public to support a foreign policy that helps the United States and its allies protect democracy and enhance prosperity and security. Yet, in 2020’s America, public attitudes are in flux—wrestling with a changing demographic, a sense of wariness regarding US global leadership, and diminishing trust in government. How do Americans see the future of US foreign policy? How can the next presidential administration re-energize support for US international leadership? Can the United States develop a new way to lead in an increasingly multipolar world?

Featured panelists

Charlie Cook
Political Analyst
NBC News

Celinda Lake
Lake Research Partners

Norman Ornstein
Resident Senior Scholar
American Enterprise Institute

Kristen Soltis Anderson
Partner and Co-Founder
Echelon Insights


Carol Lee
News Correspondent
NBC News

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