On March 25-27, 2014 the Swedish Institute for National Defense and Security Policy Studies, the Swedish National Defence College, and the Atlantic Council's Cyber Statecraft Initiative host a NATO advanced research workshop on "Confidence-Building in Cyberspace."

This interactive workshop will discuss concrete options for defining rules of the behavior between nation-states and identify actionable confidence-building measures to help inform international political deliberations in the area of transparency, cooperation, and stability in cyberspace.

The aim of the workshop is to gather experts and practitioners from a wide range of fields to identify concrete options for reducing cyber-related tensions between nation-states, increase transparency, and reduce the chance of misperception and escalation of a minor cyber incident to a full-scale international incident or even kinetic conflict.

The activity is supported by NATO's Science for Peace and Security Programme which aims to enhance Euro-Atlantic and international security, peace, and stability by applying the best scientific and technical expertise to deliver solutions for issues of mutual concern to NATO Allies and Partners.

The event is an excellent opportunity to exchange views of participants from various NATO and Partner nations, and promote regional security and cooperation on the topic of cyber defense.

The workshop is led by Jason Healey and Lars Hedström. Jason Healey is the director of the Cyber Statecraft Initiative of the Atlantic Council, who has been focusing for two decades on international cooperation, competition and conflict in cyberspace. As Director for Cyber Infrastructure Protection at the White House from 2003 to 2005, he helped advise the president and coordinated US efforts to secure US cyberspace and critical infrastructure.

This event is being held in Stockholm, Sweden. Click here for more information.

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