Now more than ever, our economic, national security, and personal lives depend on the maintenance of an adequately defended cyberspace. It is of vital importance that we identify, prioritize and operationalize the innovations that will reverse the trend of offensive dominance in this domain. These innovations must operate on an internet-wide scale and impose high costs on attackers while minimizing cost to defenders. This form of leverage will facilitate a broader thinking to maximize the impact of scalable defensive strategies. Join us for what will surely be a fascinating and timely conversation.
This Cyber Risk Thursday, join the Cyber Statecraft Initiative as we engage key experts and stakeholders for a progressive and solutions-oriented discussion on the defensive innovations and methodologies that can helps secure cyberspace and its underlying infrastructure.

Welcoming Remarks:
Frederick Kempe
President and CEO
Atlantic Council

Opening Remarks:
John Goodman
Chief Executive
Accenture Federal Services

Introductory Remarks:
Dr. Joseph Nye
Board Director, Atlantic Council;
University Distinguished Service Professor
Harvard University Kennedy School of Government

John Costello
Senior Advisor and  Director, Strategic Operations Planning,
Office of Cybersecurity and Communications,
National Protection and Programs Directorate

US Department of Homeland Security

Emily Frye
Director, National Protection and Response Division
MITRE Corporation

Gus Hunt
Managing Director and Cyber Lead
Accenture Federal Services

Jason Healey
Senior Fellow, Cyber Statecraft Initiative,
Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security

Atlantic Council; Senior Research Scholar
Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs

Grant Schneider
Acting Federal Chief Information Security Officer,
Office of Management and Budget
Senior Director for Cybersecurity Policy, National Security Council
The White House

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