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The Atlantic Council’s GeoEconomics Center and the Paulson Institute’s MacroPolo in Chicago are pleased to co-host an executive-level event on December 9th focused on the US-China economic relationship and the countries’ role in global development.. We are honored to welcome David Malpass, President of the World Bank; Tom Orlik, Chief Economist, Bloomberg Economics; and Zhu Min, Chairman, National Institute of Financial Research, Fudan University. Eunice Yoon, CNBC’s Bureau Chief and Chief Correspondent in Beijing will moderate the conversation.

This is our first event following the official launch of the GeoEconomics Center on December 1st, featuring ECB President Christine Lagarde. Our Center stands at the intersection of economics, finance, and foreign policy.

The last four years brought a spotlight to the significant fractures between the US and China – from trade tensions and intellectual property concerns to the future of financial integration. The transition period in Washington is a chance to take stock of where both countries stand and outline a path for a more productive dialogue between the world’s two largest economies as we head towards 2021. This event will feature MacroPolo’s new analysis of China’s 5 year economic plan. Our goal is to take an honest and pragmatic view of the relationship among leading economists as we head into the next Administration. This will not be a political discussion, but a clear-eyed view of where the US and China stand together in the global economy.

Introductory remarks

Julia Friedlander
C. Boyden Gray Senior Fellow and Deputy Director
GeoEconomics Center,
Atlantic Council

Damien Ma
Paulson Institute


David Malpass
World Bank

Zhu Min
National Institute of Financial Research
Tsinghua University

Tom Orlik
Chief Economist
Bloomberg Economics

Moderated by

Eunice Yoon
Bureau Chief and Chief Correspondent
CNBC Beijing

China Economic Spotlight

Our experts review the individual China measures pursued by the US and its Allies and partners within their global political and economic context. Because taxation and accounting have never been so important. And because the whole is more than a sum of its parts, for the military and the markets alike.

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At the intersection of economics, finance, and foreign policy, the GeoEconomics Center is a translation hub with the goal of helping shape a better global economic future.