A discussion with
Bharath Gopalaswamy
Deputy Director,
South Asia Center
Atlantic Council

Mohan Guruswamy
Nonresident Senior Fellow,
South Asia Center
Atlantic Council

Moderated by
Shuja Nawaz
South Asia Center
Atlantic Council

April will be the most democratic month the world has seen as national elections take place in half a dozen countries, including Afghanistan and India.  This year's Afghan elections mark the first democratic handover of power in the fragile country with current President Hamid Karzai, who is constitutionally barred from a third term, handing over the reins.  Afghans are presented with their first presidential vote in which the outcome is uncertain, with three men considered top contenders in the race.  The elections are on April 5, but will likely result in a run-off.
India, the world’s largest democracy with 1.2 billion citizens, will be electing its next set of Parliament members from April 7 to May 12. The immense undertaking to choose the 543 representatives of the people, or the members of the Lok Sabha, will be completed in nine phases across the country.  Nearly 815 million people are registered to take part and estimates suggest that about 20 percent will be first-time voters.  The youth vote could also play a crucial role in deciding who emerges as the eventual winner.
Please join Atlantic Council experts Shuja Nawaz, director, South Asia Center; Bharath Gopalaswamy, deputy director, South Asia Center; and Mohan Guruswamy,  nonresident senior fellow, South Asia Center, as they report from New Delhi on the pulse of both country’s elections.

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