Please join the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center on Tuesday, March 15th, from 10:30 – 11:30 am EDT for a high-level, private roundtable discussion on additionality requirements in the European Union’s hydrogen policy strategy. As the European Union looks to both accelerate power sector decarbonization and clean hydrogen production and deployment, policymakers and industry leaders will discuss the role of additionally requirements as a tool for ensuring hydrogen growth does not come at the cost of power decarbonization. The roundtable will feature remarks from Ditte Juul Jørgensen, the Director-General for Energy of the European Commission.

Hydrogen will be critical to the European Union’s net-zero future, but the production of clean hydrogen requires an enormous amount of clean power. Rapidly building production capacity may thus divert renewable power additions from decarbonizing the grid, thereby delaying broader decarbonization. Additionality requirements are one proposed solution to this dilemma, as they would require any clean hydrogen projects to add additional renewable power for their projects, rather than using clean power off the grid. But opponents argue that this policy would make hydrogen projects unworkable and slow critical process toward production, thereby hampering long-term hydrogen ambitions. How can EU policymakers prioritize power decarbonization without handicapping efforts to accelerate hydrogen production?

This roundtable is a private, off-the-record event, and the Chatham House rule applies. It will be held on the web application Zoom, which is accessible through your web browser, the Zoom desktop or mobile app, and by phone. Please register below to receive the Zoom information for the event.