After the European Elections: EU Leadership and Priorities in a Transatlantic Context:

Klaus Welle
European Parliament

Anthony Teasdale
Eurpoean Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS)

Moderated by:
Fran Burwell
Vice President and Director, Transatlantic Relations Program
Atlantic Council

As secretary-general, Klaus Welle has been central to the effort to build the European Parliament’s role as a leading legislative body in Europe, based on the increased power given to the Parliament under the Lisbon Treaty. Following the May elections, the increased representation of extremist or anti-establishment parties in the Parliament may affect its effectiveness and credibility. But there is no doubt that Parliament’s leaders will have an ambitious legislative agenda. Welle and Teasdale will provide insights into Parliament’s priorities, as well as the impact of new political alignments in Parliament and also the likely development of Parliamentary relations with the new European Commission, and with the European Council. This roundtable will provide a unique opportunity for a discussion of this next European Parliament and its impact on both Europe and the transatlantic relationship with two key insiders from the Parliament’s secretariat.

Klaus Welle has been secretary-general of the European Parliament since March 2009. He previously served as head of the Cabinet of the President under Hans-Gert Poettering from 2007 to 2009, and director-general for Internal Policies from 2004 to 2007.

Anthony Teasdale is director-general of the EPRS, the in-house research center and think tank of the European Parliament. He previously served in the cabinets of two Parliament presidents, including as deputy chief of staff.