EuroGrowth Initiative
Report Launch-Charting the Future Now: European Economic Growth and Its Importance to American Prosperity

Report Presentation:
Stuart Eizenstat
Former Ambassador to the European Union;
Co-Chair EuroGrowth Initiative

Atlantic Council

Andrea Montanino
Director, Global Business & Economics
Report Rapporteur
Atlantic Council

Andrus Ansip
Vice President
European Commission

Panel I: More or Less Europe? Options for More Growth ahead of the Sixtieth Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome

A conversation with:
Olivier Blanchard
C. Fred Bergsten Senior Fellow
Peterson Institute for International Economics

Xavier Rolet
Chief Executive Officer
London Stock Exchange

Poul Thomsen
Director, European Department
International Monetary Fund

Introduced and Moderated by:
Megan Greene
Managing Director & Chief Economist
Manulife Investments

Panel II: How US Economic Policies Can Affect EU Growth and Vice Versa

A conversation with:
Gordon Bajnai
Former Prime Minister of Hungary;
Group Chief Operating Officer


José Manuel Barroso
Former European Commission President
Co-Chair EuroGrowth Initiative

Paula Dobriansky
Former Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs;
Senior Fellow, Belfer Center for Science & International Affairs

Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government

Raymond W. McDaniel Jr.
Chief Executive Officer
Moody’s Corporation

Introduced and Moderated by:
Susan Lund
McKinsey Global Institute

As we approach the sixtieth anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, Europe is at a crossroads. The rise of populist movements and the recent vote by the British people to leave the European Union have put the decades of progress made by the European project in jeopardy. The European Union’s ability to maintain its position as a geopolitical leader and partner of the United States rests in its ability to generate significant economic growth and ensure prosperity for its citizens.

"Charting the Future Now: European Economic Growth and its Importance to American Prosperity” details the inextricable links connect the European and US economies and provides concise policy recommendations on how to stimulate growth in Europe for the benefit of both Europeans and Americans.

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