A conversation with:
David Brin
New York Times Bestselling Author
Jason Batt
Editorial Director
The 100 Year Starship
Jaym Gates
Communications Director
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
Alec Meden
Art of Future Warfare Project Creative Challenge Winner
Moderated by:
August Cole
Director, Art of Future Warfare Project
Atlantic Council

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Discussions about the future of warfare are often limited by necessity to the next two or three decades. Not on May 18, when the Atlantic Council’s Brent Scowcroft Center on International Security Art of Future Warfare project will travel the farthest yet into the future to consider conflict in space during the final decade of the 21st Century. Join best-selling science fiction writer David Brin and other experts to discuss whether the struggles over power and resources on Earth will extend off world, and how they might play out. 

This event will also feature the winner of the project’s latest short story creative challenge that focused on conflict in space during the last decade of the 21st Century. As part of its mission to explore the role that artists can have in the national security community, the project works to showcase not only particular visions of the future but also the methodologies employed by the creative community in order to help better prepare for, and prevent, future conflict. 

Like the recent Art of Future Warfare "Great War" creative challenge, this contest will showcase the value of creative thinking in the national security realm.