A conversation with

Mark Salter
Author of “To End a Civil War”

Richard L. Armitage
Armitage International, L.C.

Erik Solheim
Development Assistance Committee Chair
Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development 

Moderated by 

Bharath Gopalaswamy
Director, South Asia Center
Atlantic Council

Across South Asia, external actors have often intervened to mediate conflict and build stability. Despite best efforts and often better resources, international involvement in South Asian conflicts has often faltered from lack of local support or consensus coupled with concerns over sovereignty. This was the case in Sri Lanka, where a five-year long Norwegian-led mediation process between the Tamil Tigers and Sri Lankan government unraveled, in part, due to a failure in securing bipartisan political support. The South Asia Center will convene a panel of experts to discuss Norway’s experience mediating conflict in Sri Lanka, and explore the role foreign actors play in South Asia more broadly.