#FutureNATO Twitter Debate: Making the Case for NATO
NATO’s public diplomacy efforts have taken on increasing importance recently, as lingering questions about the Alliance’s relevance and role after the Cold War mix with a renewed public debate over NATO’s strategic vision following the crisis in Ukraine and drawdown in Afghanistan. The Alliance’s public diplomacy outreach is central to shaping NATO’s long-term planning, ensuring that Alliance citizens and their representatives understand the importance of investing in collective security, and countering an aggressive misinformation campaign related to the crisis in Ukraine. 

Please join us on Thursday, August 21 at 10am EST/3pm BST/4pm CEST to discuss questions including:

1. What is NATO’s common narrative and what should it be?
2. Can NATO be seen and managed as a “brand” and should it be?
3. What can NATO member states do in order to more effectively make the case for the Alliance?
4. What kind of measures or communication channels could be used to reach more people?

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