NATO Twitter Debate
Should NATO offer a fast-track membership plan to Sweden and Finland? Does it make sense for these countries domestically? And what might it mean for the future of NATO’s partnerships?

We want to hear from you. Pose questions, share your thoughts and join leading experts and our NATO Emerging Leaders Working Group for a Twitter debate on this topic on Wednesday23 July at 10am EST in Washington, 3pm BST in London, and 4pm CEST in Brussels.

We will be using #FutureNATO to join the debate to ongoing discussions ahead of the NATO Summit in Wales in September and will be joined by Chatham House Director Robin Niblett, Atlantic Council Executive Vice President Damon Wilson, NATOSource Chief Editor Jorge Benitez, members of the Atlantic Council’s Future Leaders Working Group, and many others.

Our second debate will be on how to increase contributions of NATO member states to meet the 2% GDP commitment to spending on defence. It will take place on Tuesday 29 July at 1pm EST in Washington, 6pm BST in London, and 7pm CEST in Brussels.

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