Please join the Atlantic Council in Turkey and Europe Center for a special virtual event launching a new Atlantic Council report: “Getting Back on Track: Unlocking Kosovo’s Euro-Atlantic and Development Perspective.” This event will take place virtually on December 13 at 9:00 a.m. ET/15:00hrs CET.

Beginning in February 2008 and culminating with the 2022 full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, the security and political environment surrounding Kosovo has been changing in decisive ways. The parameters within which Kosovo attempts to achieve its strategic external and domestic goals have been redefined and reshaped. In the new global security environment, Kosovo has made significant strides in its popularly supported path to join Euro-Atlantic structures like NATO and the EU and its pursuit of development objectives at home. But it has also encountered many roadblocks through these efforts.

Despite the challenges it faces, Kosovo has emerged as a relatively successful case of Western-supported state building. Kosovo’s future success will hinge on whether its political leaders can seize the opportunities presented by the new geopolitical landscape to resolve the long-standing issue of relations with Serbia. The country’s prosperity is inextricably linked to the fate of the Western Balkans as a whole: The region will either rise or fall together.

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Keynote remarks

H.E. Albin Kurti
Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo

Introductory remarks by

Ebru Özdemir
Chairperson, Limak Holding

International Advisory Board Member, Atlantic Council


Agon Maliqi
Political Analyst and Media Writer

Alban Hashani
Executive Director
Riinvest Institute

In conversation with

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