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From energy relations to issues related to Syrian refugees in Turkey, the Atlantic Council in Turkey’s in-depth research serves to enlighten transatlantic policymakers and business leaders on issues about Turkey.

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Do Seagulls Migrate?
An Atlantic Council documentary

As the Syrian civil war marks a decade of destruction and displacement, millions of refugees are forced to endure harrowing journeys and create new lives from scratch. Do Seagulls Migrate?, the Atlantic Council’s first ever documentary, chronicles the lives of four Syrian women who fled their war-torn homes to seek survival, prosperity, and a new life in Turkey. Do Seagulls Migrate? reveals the refugee experience first-hand as Reem, Khloud, Inam, and Reem M. share their emotional journeys, forge new experiences, care for their families, and build new careers.

Do Seagulls Migrate? has been selected for screening at four film festivals: Prague International Film Festival 2021, 10th Antakya International Film Festival, Germany International Film Festival 2023, Nice International Film Festival 2023, and the 7th Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival.

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Issue Brief

Jul 8, 2024

Turkey’s emerging and disruptive technologies capacity and NATO: Defense policy, prospects, and limitations

By Can Kasapoğlu and Sine Özkaraşahin

An issue brief exploring Turkey's defense technological ecosystem and leveraging its capabilities for the benefit of NATO.

Defense Industry Defense Policy


Jul 5, 2024

Why Washington must take the opportunity of the NATO Summit to reengage with Turkey

By Yevgeniya Gaber

Strengthening relations between the US and Turkey will be critical for the future of the Alliance's regional defense strategies.

Conflict Eastern Europe


Jun 27, 2024

Electrification of the road transport sector in Europe and the case of Italy

By Pier Paolo Raimondi

A report exploring the the European Union and Italy's ongoing progress in electrifying the transport sector in pursuit of broader decarbonization goals.

Climate Change & Climate Action Energy & Environment

Defense Journal by Atlantic Council IN TURKEY

Jun 24, 2024

Defense Journal by Atlantic Council in Turkey interview with Gregory Bloom

By Atlantic Council Turkey Programs

ATBR board director Gregory Bloom discusses the role of the private sector and business for the future of American-Turkish relations.

Defense Industry Economy & Business

Defense Journal by Atlantic Council IN TURKEY

Jun 24, 2024

Small, smart, many and cheaper: Competitive adaptation in modern warfare

By Atlantic Council Turkey Programs

T.X. Hammes reflects on the growing role of cheap and adaptable technologies in fighting the wars of tomorrow.

Defense Industry Defense Technologies

Defense Journal by Atlantic Council IN TURKEY

Jun 24, 2024

The F-16 deal is as good for NATO as it is for Turkey

By Andrew Bernard

The recent acquisition of F16s could mean a renewal of trust and relations with a critical aid and missile defense partner.

Defense Technologies NATO
US and Turkish allies conduct airborne assault exercise during Agile Spirit 23

Defense Journal by Atlantic Council IN TURKEY

Jun 24, 2024

US-Turkey relations in an era of geopolitical conflict

By Atlantic Council Turkey Programs

The third issue of the Defense Journal by Atlantic Council IN TURKEY explores developments in bilateral defense cooperation and industrial advancements presenting new and potential opportunities.

Conflict Defense Industry

Defense Journal by Atlantic Council IN TURKEY

Jun 24, 2024

Türkiye and the Russian military threat to NATO

By Yavuz Türkgenci

Despite heavy losses in Ukraine, Russia continues to pose a major threat to NATO. Leveraging Turkey will be key to the Alliance's response.

Defense Technologies Europe & Eurasia

Defense Journal by Atlantic Council IN TURKEY

Jun 24, 2024

Drones and more: Turkish defense cooperation trends in the air

By Can Kasapoglu

As Turkey's defense industry and technology rapidly develops, Ankara faces big questions over who to partner with and how to present itself to the world.

Defense Industry Drones

Defense Journal by Atlantic Council IN TURKEY

Jun 24, 2024

Sweden’s NATO accession: A twenty-month square dance

By Rich Outzen

Despite concerns over Erdogan's personal ties to Putin, Turkey's slow approval of Sweden's ascension to NATO was rooted in very real issues.

Defense Industry Europe & Eurasia