Despite the broad acceptance of CVD as a best practice in cybersecurity, many organizations have been slow to adopt it, and this event aims to touch on the positive impact that CVD has had on organizations who have employed it. At the same time, CVD still faces many challenges, including complex legislation and regulation, the misperception that it is a catch-all solution for cybersecurity problems, and misconceptions of security researchers’ motivations, and this event will also address those challenges and the best way forward to tackle them.

Join us as we convene government officials, private industry stakeholders and the security research community for an open, solutions-oriented dialog. 


Welcoming Remarks by:
Mr. Marten Mickos

Opening Remarks by:
Ms. Evelyn Remaley
Deputy Associate Administrator for Policy Analysis & Development,
National Telecommunications & Information Administration;
Acting Director, Digital Economy

US Department of Commerce

A conversation with:
Mr. Leonard Bailey
Special Counsel for National Security
US Department of Justice

Mr. Chris Nims
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer

Ms. Bobbie Stempfley
Director, CERT Division
Carnegie Mellon University

Ms. Jessica Wilkerson
Professional Staff Member, House Committee on Energy and Commerce
US House of Representatives

Moderated by:
Mr. Beau Woods
Cyber Safety Innovation Fellow, Cyber Statecraft Initiative,
Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security

Atlantic Council

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