*Please note this event has reached maximum capacity*
A discussion with

Amb. Feisal Istrabadi
Director, Center for Middle East Studies at Indiana University
Former Iraqi Ambassador to the United Nations 

Amb. James F. Jeffrey
Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Washington Institute for Near East Policy
Former US Ambassador to Iraq

Moderated by
Damon Wilson
Executive Vice President
Atlantic Council

April 30 will mark Iraq’s first parliamentary elections since the US withdrawal in 2011. With Iraq’s highly sectarian environment and spiraling violence, the election outcome could either lead the nation toward greater divisiveness or pave the way to address deepening polarization. Election results are expected to prompt a flurry of bargaining to form the next government that could take months to finalize. During this period, Iraqis will grapple with how to address the serious challenges that threaten peace and stability, including longstanding sectarian, ethnic, and tribal grievances. Please join us for a discussion analyzing the initial results, possible coalitions, and how the post-election environment will impact the internal political and security prospects for Iraq as well as its neighbors.