Is the Southern Gas Corridor on Track?

A conversation with:
Agnia Grigas
Nonresident Senior Fellow, Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center
Atlantic Council

Joe Murphy
Vice President, Southern Corridor

Daniel Stein
Former Senior Advisor to the Special Envoy for Eurasian Energy and the Special Envoy and Coordinator for International Energy Affairs
US Department of State

Moderated by:
Thomas Cunningham
Deputy Director, Global Energy Center
Atlantic Council
Introductory remarks by:
Richard Morningstar
Founding Director and Chairman, Global Energy Center
Atlantic Council

Due to energy security concerns surrounding Russia’s stated commitment to bypass Ukraine as a gas transit country and the need to improve gas pipeline infrastructure to help stranded European markets access new gas exports from the United States, Azerbaijan and elsewhere, the European Union is increasingly dedicated to finding alternative routes and sources for natural gas. The Southern Gas Corridor has been years in the planning and its proposed completion date (2018-2020 timeframe) is rapidly approaching. Real progress has been made in recent years: confirmation of the route in 2013 and groundbreaking for construction in Turkey and Greece 2016.  But challenges remain, including regional security issues, local opposition along parts of the route, stagnant gas demand in Western Europe, and the decreasing cost of imported liquefied natural gas. In this context, the Global Energy Center will convene a panel of experts to discuss the current state of the Southern Corridor and the challenges it faces in the future.

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