New Security Challenges in Georgia and the Caucasus

A conversation with:
Mr. David Usupashvili
Chairman of the Parliament

Moderated by:
Damon Wilson
Executive Vice President
Atlantic Council

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Georgia has produced quite a bit of history since independence. There were the hectic but lasting reforms of the Rose Revolution; the Kremlin's war of 2008 to change the borders of Georgia; and the landmark elections in 2012 that marked the country's first constitutional transfer of power.

From Georgia, Moscow has moved on to conducting a hybrid war in Ukraine's East. Yet in Tbilisi, Georgia's leadership continues to deal with consequences of the 2008 war as they seek to establish a clear and successful course for the country's future.

In Georgia's democracy, Chairman Usupashvili and the Georgian Parliament will play a critical role in implementing that vision. Mr. Usupashvili has chaired the Parliament of Georgia since October 2012 and is the Deputy Chairman of the ruling Georgian Dream coalition. 

He will offer his insights into the security challenges facing Georgia and the Caucasus as well as a strategy for pursuing Georgia's Euro-Atlantic aspirations.