Nord Stream 2: Is It a Threat to European Energy Security?

A conversation with:
Dr. Anders Åslund
Resident Senior Fellow, Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center
Atlantic Council
Dr. Tim Boersma
Acting Director of Energy Security and Climate Initiative and Fellow of Foreign Policy 
The Brookings Institution
The Hon. Richard Morningstar
Founding Director and Chairman, Global Energy Center
Atlantic Council
Dr. Friedbert Pflüger
Nonresident Senior Fellow, Global Energy Center
Atlantic Council
Welcome remarks by:
Mr. David Koranyi
Director, Eurasian Energy Futures Initiative
Atlantic Council
Moderated by:
Ms. Annie Medaglia
Deputy Director, Global Energy Center
Atlantic Council

Amidst the Ukraine Crisis and continuing tensions between Russia and the European Union, the proposed Nord Stream 2 pipeline presents a strategic dilemma to the European Union. The project would increase shipments of gas directly to Gazprom's core Western European markets by circumventing Ukraine deemed too risky a transit state by some member states. At the same time, it deeply divides member states and poses dilemmas in the context of the EU's diversification and LNG strategies. 

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