Please join the Atlantic Council Global Energy Center on Friday, March 18, at 8:30 am ET for a private and off-the-record workshop on the oil and gas industry on the road to net zero. This event is part of the Global Energy Center’s “Oil and Gas Net-Zero” project, which builds on its 2020 report The Role of Oil and Gas Companies in the Energy Transition, and examines the technologies, policies, and business models that will define the role of oil and gas in a net-zero world.

In this workshop, participants will discuss the preliminary findings of the project and the financial and policy levers available to accelerate the industry’s contributions to a net-zero world. A draft of the forthcoming report will be sent to registered attendees to prepare for discussion. Please reach out to David Yellen ( with any questions regarding the draft report.

While oil and gas will remain an important part of the energy mix even in a net-zero world, producers must consider their role in a net-zero world, effectively communicate their own commitment to the global consensus to decarbonize and mitigate the effects of climate change, and work to deploy the accompanying technologies, business strategies, and policy frameworks in partnership with the private sector, broader public, and policymakers so those commitments can be taken seriously. 

Please join this conversation via the web application Zoom, which is accessible through your web browser, the Zoom desktop or mobile app, and by phone. If you wish to join the question and answer period, you must join by app or web. Register below to receive further information on how to join the virtual audience.